PEAKE partners with Hypha by Wireless Innovations

May 16, 2023

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PEAKE partners with Hypha by Wireless Innovations

May 16, 2023

MILLERSVILLE,MD., May 16, 2023— PEAKE and Hypha by Wireless Innovations, a provider of Satellite, LTE and Mesh solutions for Public Safety, today announced a partnership agreement for PEAKE to integrate HyphaMESH solutions into customer mission critical networks to enable coverage beyond the edge.  

PEAKE, a mission critical communication integration company, will now deliver Hypha’s critical system of communication solutions to customers, enhancing their operational footprint.

HyphaMESH products allow PEAKE to form a complete critical ecosystem of communication solutions that take multi-bearer connectivity from the core to the edge, enabling a platform of applications and capabilities that allow agencies and enterprises to be safer and more effective in their operations. 

Hypha’s ecosystem of communication solutions can create an extension of PEAKE’sTactical IP BLEND solution, which combines customers’ existing communication services (Satellite, Cellular, Broadband, Wi-Fi) and creates one large network providing enhanced, reliable, and stable communications with greater bandwidth and security.

“We are excited to partner with Hypha to provide our Public Safety customers with intelligent connections for mission critical communications,” said Steve Morgan, President of PEAKE. “Hypha’s solutions integrate well with PEAKE’s core mission of providing Connectivity to the Edge.”

"Hypha's dedication to innovation and PEAKE's expertise in mission critical communications integration perfectly align," said Neil Jaimeson, CEO ofHypha. "By integrating Hypha’s Mesh range extension products with PEAKE'sTACTICAL IP BLEND solution, more emergency response teams and public safety organizations have access to unparalleled connectivity and extended communication capabilities beyond the edge of existing networks.”

Focused on serving the Public Safety, utility and enterprise sectors, Hypha has expanded its capabilities globally. By delivering a platform of applications and capabilities with a curated range of Hypha branded solutions, it allows agencies and organizations to operate more efficiently and safely. Inspired by progress and the advancement of satellite communication with a focus on design, development and implementation, Hypha is driven to supply evolving communication and technology solutions.

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AboutPEAKE: Whether public safety, homeland security, DOD, business continuity or field operations, PEAKE specializes in taking care of all operational needs to ensure mission success. We have the experience and technology to provide enterprise services including O+M, network design and management, satellite system maintenance, and more. We integrate mission-critical technology, provide satellite service and network systems to ensure reliable, real-time communications, and even provides professional staff to operate and maintain it all. We pride ourselves on helping mission-focused personnel of any size and scope perform at their “PEAKE. To learn more about PEAKE go to

AboutHypha: Hypha Ltd is a provider of Satellite, LTE and Mesh solutions for voice and data focusing on Public Safety and first responders. Inspired by progress, we are driven to supply evolving communication and technology solutions, with efficient service. The Hypha team brings many years of experience in their area of expertise, which is one of our key ingredients to ensure success and inspire confidence in our ability to design, deliver and support our customers. To learn more about Hypha visit